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Today is my first day of school in SDI Permata Bunda. I immediately woke up and immediately take a bath, after that, I just use my school uniform, then breakfast menu, sandwiches peanut and milk chocolate. After I eat, I rushed to my school, when he got there I immediately look for my name in the list of class names, it turns out my name is in class VI A. I was a classmate of Sarah and Maya, they were both my best friend since grade of elementary school. After reading the announcement I rushed to class VI A, there was a lot of my friends, I entered the classroom and sat down beside her, but there does not appear Ajeng. At 07:00, the bell rang admission ticket, and that another party I get in class and pray according to their beliefs, then the door opened, my homeroom teacher had come. It turns out the teacher’s name is Ruth bu, good and beautiful person. When I asked why Ajeng not go, he replied, Ajeng ill and hospitalized. Me and Sarah take the initiative to visit her, I will ask where the hospital, said his hospital bu Ruth was in the hospital Harapan Indah, room 109. In the afternoon, me and Sarah to the hospital Harapan Indah, before I get there and Sarah bought Ajeng roses. after that we look for room 109, we asked the security guard was on guard in hospital, while up to 109 rooms in front of me and Sarah saw the writing Maya, means the room is his room Ajeng. We went to the room and looked Ajeng’re lying diranjang and watch tv, without waiting for reply. When me and Sarah Ajeng see him smiling, I and Sarahpun approached him, then give these roses on the Maya, our friendship is marked by “ROSE FLOWERS.”


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